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Football experiences part 2

Arsensal v Everton.
The Emirates

The best thing about this game was the goonersaurus. I didn't like my view unable to see Theo Walcot run at 100mph at the other end need frigging telescope! We lost 1-0. They cussed us and sang we is dirty northern bastard even along Gillespie Road. The police made me do a half mile detour into the station and nearly got trampled by a horse!

Everton v Manchester United
Goodison Park

Well at least I was at home for this defeat, despite spending £120 and a day off work and applying to escla. I had crap sleep a whole week worrying about my hotel reservation being void. Thankfully Paul's lovely friends made my visit not wasted and I had a park end seat with a good view. Shame about the man on my left shouting your shit to the manures who were on my right Fergies fooking army.

Everton v Wolves
Goodison Park

Got a Upper Gwladys seet for this one. Crap side, won the game. No memories other than walking around the whole Stanley Park looking for bus 68 Walton Breck Road- Tuebrook. Taking wrong turn down Anfield Road nr Everton Valley doing a full mile and ending up back on Goodison Road where I went to Walton Road didn't get in the bus instead walking to St. Domingo road on foot. Got in bus and met Paul for curry and lager. Shattered! Won 2-1.

Everton v Tamworth
Goodison Park

Second trip with Escla. Good 20 months after the first! Got in the train. By now I have met Tony Cottee and won a bottle of Benedictine and the bigwigs at escla at least remember me. 2hrs & 10 minutes in Virgin train. Felt so queezy. Got a matchday programme with the late Gary Abblett RIP. And a new scarf. Was in paddock front row best seat I ever had Phil Neville, Changy and toffeegirl up close Won 2-0.

Tottenham v Everton
White Hart Lane

This game was postponed from 13/8/11 due to riotting. I had already gone there June 25th so I knew where to get off the bus. When I got there thought I was 195 was 165. Had to move. My work mate and her dad were also there a few rows down. So much seating arguements in my area and huge rows where's your foreskin shouted at Spurs and where's your giro shouted at Everton. Had a great experience. Again like Arsenal lost and had to be riduculed for being northern, despite being from north London. Score 2-0.

To be continued.