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QPR v Everton
Loftus Road stadium

Almost didn't go to this game at all. I had planned to go at the beginning of the season, but it transpired that there were limitated places and only on 29th Feb I was told there were extra tickets.

I got in the train from Harrow & Wealdstone station and got off at Harlesden. I waited for the 228 bus because my navigation system rocommended that route. I was as Loftus road soon enough while towards the end of my journey I had to listen to a moaner that believed too much attention was spent on broadcasting and taking an interest in football and it was all full of hooligans- charming!

I met the man from the supporters club on South Africa road and he gave me my ticket in exchange for a cheque.

I then went to see if I could find a toilet. I didn't, but I did buy a raspberry ribena and cadburys chocolate.I then walked along Uxbridge Road, found nothing of interest to me, but lost my bearings and wound up on a different road. This road was full of police and the reason was it was for away supporters. Anybody would think we cause trouble!

Went to into the ground. They had a big black cat mascot and tiger. I also spotted a rainbow in the pitch sprinklers. We scored the first goal and as my arms shot up in sheer joy, my pink and silver plastic bracelet was flung into the journalists on the ground below. After that QPR scored. I then realised I was sitting behind my work colleagues father, who didn't recognise me at all, but I remembered him!

I had thought about getting my bracelet back, but decided that as the area was segregated, probably best to forget it, it was not very expensive. There was also a squirrel on the pitch for several minutes causing me to burst out laughing while the other fans cursed the team for delaying the game because of the squirell.

After a disappointing second half full of stoppages and no more goals, I made my way back on the bus 260 this time, again alighting at Harlesden.

Surprising this is our local club only 6.2 miles from our home and closer to us than all the other London clubs.

FA cup 1/4 final
Everton v Sunderland
Goodison Park

I walked to Everton FC today. Used a sat nav so few problems getting to the ground from my hotel in West Derby. Got to my seat ok, nobody there when I arrived. I took some photos as my camera hadn't got a flat battery (for a change) and as the toffee girl came around, an Everton mint was chucked into the empty row in front of me. Anyhow, as kick-off approached, the seats began to fill and the man on my right asked me if I minded the swearing. I said I didn't care, though in the first half of the game did get pissed off at the levels of anger and noise of thousands of drunk scousers. Come second half I was just as bitter as the ref was blind and we kept pushing forward yet no goal came. Final score 1-1. Replay at Stadium of Light.

And to make things even more uncertain, when I got home I realised my ticket had a dodgy customer number, two didgets mixed up and the name Philip somebody or other. Interesting, but that Phils got my credits now!


Norwich v Everton

Carrow Road

This is the first away game I have been to outside London. I was really looking forward to going to Norwich, having never been and I wanted to see some of the town. I knew the Metropolitan line had no delays or engineering work from Wembley Park to Liverpool Street, but I chose to give myself plenty of time just incase something went wrong. I arrived at Liverpool Street National rail station an hour and a half early. This was still better than missing my train, and I chose to kill the time by reading a book.

When I received the meeting instructions from the supporters club, my letter told me to meet the group at the platform at the latest 10.30am as soon as the platform would be known. The board didn't show the platform until 10.25am. I rushed to the platform edge, only to find my fellow travellers from the supporters club had already met with the group leader and were going into the train without me! I had to run to the group leader and remind him I was on their list as he hadn't ticked me off.

The train journey to Norwich took just over two hours, and I passed my old haunts at the University of East London in Stratford. I also saw the new Olympic stadium from the train and it looked very impressive. The seats in hte train were very uncomfortable and I had very little room my bottom was squashed painfully between the two handles which were irremovable and my legs had very little space. Clearly the seats were designed for people smaller than myself! I listened to my ipod the whole journey as I find it hard to concentrate reading with background noise. Nobody talked to me.

When I got out at Norwich I wanted to look around the town and buy a drink. I love pubs but I am not very keen on enclosed spaces, so I got a big Smirnoff Ice from a Tesco express and srank it at the top of the castle gardens (not unlike the time I went to Liverpool and drank flavoured cider in Staley Park). After I had finished my drink, I walked to the cathedral which appeared to be closed, nevertheless I was glad to have seen the building. By the time I had walked around that it was time to head off to the stadium. I used my google navigation since I don't like talking to strangers and it's more fun than remembering directions.

When I got to Carrow Road, I walked the whole way around to look for the away stand. Such was the positioning of the Jarrod Stand that if I had turned left and not right, the stand would have been directly in front of me, never mind.

The stewards were very nice and told me where to go. I was one row from the very top of the away stand in row MM. During the game as my fellows were singing and cussing their rivals, I began to feel rather ill, though I still managed to cheer at Jelly's two goals.

I did manage to chat to a couple of Toffees at the game, one recognised me from my magazine article and another was just a drunk scoucer looking for solidarity. My illness continued and it got really bad on the way back in the train. When I waited for the group leader to let us in at Norwich, many passengers thought I was a station staff and asked me questions or showed me their tickets, I had to explain that I was not a station guard and move away in the end, as it was funny but not helping anybody!

The journey back was very uncomfortable and I was shivering all the way home. As much as I had wanted to sing all those songs.. Straquelersci, your name is too long, and Tony Hibbert, He'll score when he wants to and the other traditional songs, I just felt horrible in fact the group leader said he didn't blame me for not singing, but one of the lads asked why I wasn't singing and I told him Barry Horne is too old for me, I was ten when he played for Everton. In reality he was one of my Panini stickers I wanted along with my favorite Tony Cottee!

I got home about 9.10 pm. I was really desperate to get home and cursed every slow lift and delay in the train. I went straight to bed.

I don't regret going, I am glad I went. I just wish I had felt better.
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Auntie Barbara passed away on 12/2/12. It was her husbands birthday and their Ruby wedding anniversary. I first heard about her sudden illness through my cousin Adrian who is Auntie Barbara's nephew.

She had emphysema and kidney failure and is on life support and not sounding hopeful. This was relayed via text message on Thursday 9th February.

I was gutted. I loved my auntie always there for me, never forgot a birthday or an anniversary. Auntie Barbara, my second home in boro. Paul's aunt Shiela was on life support once and got over it and is now alive and well. He told me to stop panicking, she may not die.

By now all my voluntary work had to be put on hold. I was too upset to see anybody outside if my paid work which unfortunately I had obligations to attend. Anyway, I got a call from my Auntie Doreen 6pm Friday; Babs has 48 hours to live. I had to phone the charity shop Saturday morning in a pool of tears explaining that my auntie was goinf to die. On Sunday at 5.30am she fell asleep forever. It was the same day Whitney went, but didn't give a shit about Whitney. During the week I ordered fowers for my auntie. The florist asked for the name of the undertaker. I had no clue, I had to phone my uncle, the husband of my late auntie. Difficult call full of crying. Spoke to their eldest daughter Angela, more crying. That was it for a few days. Found a nice memorial in the evening gazette.

Myself and Paul set off for Boro at 6.15 Friday 24th February. Funeral was at 1pm Boro 250 miles from Wembley. Went to see my own mother and grandmothers family resting places. A lot in the same place. Saw my auntie Doreen and helped her with flowers. The service was short and beautuful with old songs my auntie loved and a poem read by Angela's son about what a great nana she was.

After leaving her flowers on the family plot,we all went to a hotel bar after and caught up with our own news. I met some of my newer family, toddlers I had not seen and once again I felt a part of a family. I don't feel like that much now.

The following day I took Paul into town. He wasn't overly impressed, but didn't hate it either. I will be coming on my own at some point to do cliff walking at Saltburn and hills at Eston, visiting my greatgrandparents old haunts.


Feb. 5th, 2012 02:43 pm
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Been feeling down again. Have felt like my life has no purpose or meaning. Mainly because people I spend time with appear to be taken more seriously than me and the thing is I don't share their interests so I always feel left out. Myself and the husband have had loads of fun and many good times, but seem like my life is progressing at a snails pace. Like all the people I know have already got a house, a family of some kind that loves them and their lives seem pretty happy. I can't be happy with them as I do not relate to their life.

Seems that every time I say something they don't understand it is disregarded and becomes something irrelevant and they go back to their happy world where they are secure knowing their parents love them, they love their kids and have a nice house, while I am still stuck in the same 1 bed flat in London I moved into in 1994.

Been here nearly 20 years now and desperate to move on! Got £9000 now saved towards a deposit, yet seem a million light years from getting my own home. I also resent having to work full time and not seeing the money to rest from my labours and don't have enough time to make my home beautiful because all my time and money is going in the savings.

I love going to football because it takes my mind off all this, but even that isn't regular because all the money is going into savings. I really wish I wasn't so insecure. I know it is possible that I may have SAD and will get a light box this year because every winter is the same. Then again, in summer I have a holiday to look forward to and autumn I get xmas to look forward to.

Things always seem so bleak this time of year. I don't want to go back to councelling again. I tried serotonin uptake with chocolate and swimming but these are very short term solutions.

Short of friends in London cannot talk to anybody either. Seems every time I want to explain, gets twisted out of context. Often get angry to compensate for my insecurity. Again totally misunderstood.
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Arsensal v Everton.
The Emirates

The best thing about this game was the goonersaurus. I didn't like my view unable to see Theo Walcot run at 100mph at the other end need frigging telescope! We lost 1-0. They cussed us and sang we is dirty northern bastard even along Gillespie Road. The police made me do a half mile detour into the station and nearly got trampled by a horse!

Everton v Manchester United
Goodison Park

Well at least I was at home for this defeat, despite spending £120 and a day off work and applying to escla. I had crap sleep a whole week worrying about my hotel reservation being void. Thankfully Paul's lovely friends made my visit not wasted and I had a park end seat with a good view. Shame about the man on my left shouting your shit to the manures who were on my right Fergies fooking army.

Everton v Wolves
Goodison Park

Got a Upper Gwladys seet for this one. Crap side, won the game. No memories other than walking around the whole Stanley Park looking for bus 68 Walton Breck Road- Tuebrook. Taking wrong turn down Anfield Road nr Everton Valley doing a full mile and ending up back on Goodison Road where I went to Walton Road didn't get in the bus instead walking to St. Domingo road on foot. Got in bus and met Paul for curry and lager. Shattered! Won 2-1.

Everton v Tamworth
Goodison Park

Second trip with Escla. Good 20 months after the first! Got in the train. By now I have met Tony Cottee and won a bottle of Benedictine and the bigwigs at escla at least remember me. 2hrs & 10 minutes in Virgin train. Felt so queezy. Got a matchday programme with the late Gary Abblett RIP. And a new scarf. Was in paddock front row best seat I ever had Phil Neville, Changy and toffeegirl up close Won 2-0.

Tottenham v Everton
White Hart Lane

This game was postponed from 13/8/11 due to riotting. I had already gone there June 25th so I knew where to get off the bus. When I got there thought I was 195 was 165. Had to move. My work mate and her dad were also there a few rows down. So much seating arguements in my area and huge rows where's your foreskin shouted at Spurs and where's your giro shouted at Everton. Had a great experience. Again like Arsenal lost and had to be riduculed for being northern, despite being from north London. Score 2-0.

To be continued.
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West Ham v Everton.
Upton Park.

Didn't know how the away ticket policy worked. Went into Sir Trevor Brooking stand Upper. Toffee fans in Lower. Could hear but not see. Had to pretend was an Irons fan for the day. Very traumatic as we won 1-2. Couldn't express my joy.

Everton v West Ham
Goodison Park

Got my revenge was in main stand with my scouse mate Kathy Simpson. Had a lovely day. Howard Webb was reffing though. Score was 1-1

Everton v Portsmouth
Goodison Park

This was my first trip with Everton Supporters London Area (Escla). Met the Bill Walker at Euston and read the Mirror while all the lads played poker. Got off,broke, ate 4 whole ham sarnies in stanley park and a bottle of cider from tesco. Worst seat choice ever lower bullens like sitting in the dark with a pillar box view. Pompy fans singing about didn't care about relegation. Got chatting to a nice man about how he not get there much. Got very bored as was not winning and had train to catch left early as bily scored the winner and I was sauntering along Gwladys Street. Had to see the long goal on match of the day.

Fulham v Everton
Craven Cottage

Again didn't understand away ticket policy, but lucky for me Fulham have a neutral area for away fans. Sat with Toffees at least. First proper away experience. All I remember was walking in circles in Hammersmith shopping centre, getting lost and walking down the wrong road, finally walking down Fulham palace road for two miles, eating a burger and buying a programme with Dixon Ethuhu on the front. Was searched at gate and told couldn't bring closed bottles in. Got some nice photos of Billy the badger and Tim Howard. Final score 1-1.

Chelsea V Everton.
Stamford Bridge

Lucky to get this experience. Got to go to Chelsea for only £25.50. Bargain. FA cup 4th round replay. Thought I'd be there for two hours + was there for four! Flipping extra time plus penalty shootout. Starving when I left. Great atmosphere and euphoria winning the shoot out. Shame got knocked out by championship side Reading in round 5. Better luck this year eh.
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Just started this thing have to think about what may interests may be?


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