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Football experiences part 1

West Ham v Everton.
Upton Park.

Didn't know how the away ticket policy worked. Went into Sir Trevor Brooking stand Upper. Toffee fans in Lower. Could hear but not see. Had to pretend was an Irons fan for the day. Very traumatic as we won 1-2. Couldn't express my joy.

Everton v West Ham
Goodison Park

Got my revenge was in main stand with my scouse mate Kathy Simpson. Had a lovely day. Howard Webb was reffing though. Score was 1-1

Everton v Portsmouth
Goodison Park

This was my first trip with Everton Supporters London Area (Escla). Met the Bill Walker at Euston and read the Mirror while all the lads played poker. Got off,broke, ate 4 whole ham sarnies in stanley park and a bottle of cider from tesco. Worst seat choice ever lower bullens like sitting in the dark with a pillar box view. Pompy fans singing about didn't care about relegation. Got chatting to a nice man about how he not get there much. Got very bored as was not winning and had train to catch left early as bily scored the winner and I was sauntering along Gwladys Street. Had to see the long goal on match of the day.

Fulham v Everton
Craven Cottage

Again didn't understand away ticket policy, but lucky for me Fulham have a neutral area for away fans. Sat with Toffees at least. First proper away experience. All I remember was walking in circles in Hammersmith shopping centre, getting lost and walking down the wrong road, finally walking down Fulham palace road for two miles, eating a burger and buying a programme with Dixon Ethuhu on the front. Was searched at gate and told couldn't bring closed bottles in. Got some nice photos of Billy the badger and Tim Howard. Final score 1-1.

Chelsea V Everton.
Stamford Bridge

Lucky to get this experience. Got to go to Chelsea for only £25.50. Bargain. FA cup 4th round replay. Thought I'd be there for two hours + was there for four! Flipping extra time plus penalty shootout. Starving when I left. Great atmosphere and euphoria winning the shoot out. Shame got knocked out by championship side Reading in round 5. Better luck this year eh.

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