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Auntie Barbara passed away on 12/2/12. It was her husbands birthday and their Ruby wedding anniversary. I first heard about her sudden illness through my cousin Adrian who is Auntie Barbara's nephew.

She had emphysema and kidney failure and is on life support and not sounding hopeful. This was relayed via text message on Thursday 9th February.

I was gutted. I loved my auntie always there for me, never forgot a birthday or an anniversary. Auntie Barbara, my second home in boro. Paul's aunt Shiela was on life support once and got over it and is now alive and well. He told me to stop panicking, she may not die.

By now all my voluntary work had to be put on hold. I was too upset to see anybody outside if my paid work which unfortunately I had obligations to attend. Anyway, I got a call from my Auntie Doreen 6pm Friday; Babs has 48 hours to live. I had to phone the charity shop Saturday morning in a pool of tears explaining that my auntie was goinf to die. On Sunday at 5.30am she fell asleep forever. It was the same day Whitney went, but didn't give a shit about Whitney. During the week I ordered fowers for my auntie. The florist asked for the name of the undertaker. I had no clue, I had to phone my uncle, the husband of my late auntie. Difficult call full of crying. Spoke to their eldest daughter Angela, more crying. That was it for a few days. Found a nice memorial in the evening gazette.

Myself and Paul set off for Boro at 6.15 Friday 24th February. Funeral was at 1pm Boro 250 miles from Wembley. Went to see my own mother and grandmothers family resting places. A lot in the same place. Saw my auntie Doreen and helped her with flowers. The service was short and beautuful with old songs my auntie loved and a poem read by Angela's son about what a great nana she was.

After leaving her flowers on the family plot,we all went to a hotel bar after and caught up with our own news. I met some of my newer family, toddlers I had not seen and once again I felt a part of a family. I don't feel like that much now.

The following day I took Paul into town. He wasn't overly impressed, but didn't hate it either. I will be coming on my own at some point to do cliff walking at Saltburn and hills at Eston, visiting my greatgrandparents old haunts.


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